January 15, 2011

Faith speak

O faith, 

I went too far,  is because there is something which disrupt self. Emotions affected as well. Honestly, I have never feel the real favors of feeling well. These few days I was silent. My heart learned something.

When there are subtle whispers that disrupt the road of this da'wah, when my emotions on hull-side missing all my loved one, when heart said on his own questioning the resilience of heart, when the soul power begins to decline again, when self initially recall the past, when I'm alone playing with a various kind of emotions, when all the people are turned away seeking for who am I,  when the whole world began to identify who I am, when as the earth spinning of Him, well these are the time that really annoy me.

Easy to speak. To apply it, does it as easy as speak? I know that there is good comes behind all of His test then why there are no tired of this tears fall of Your test? I am really amazed. Yes I am laughing but I could not lie again. In brave I am, I could not cheat my own self. I am'm died. 

That is faith speak. Sorry rather long retreat. There is little problem. But never mind. Allah is always there for His servants. Till then, goodbye and take care of your Iman. Assalamualaikum.

p/s : Life sometimes exhausting. Be patient, O faith...