July 16, 2011

Dah seminggu kat homesweethome, Ampang. Time to say Au revoir Ampaaang D';

And time to say Heeeello July test --'


July 13, 2011

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy :DD

Awat happy saaaaangat ni ceq?
Hang pa nak tau pasai apa?
Ni ha...

Yeaaaay finally he approved me! Have no idea where he gotta online his Fb but kesaaaah? Important here, he done created butterflies in my belly ceh! Haha. And at the same time, I've found tht TM school showdown site on his wall and yup! He's there! I watched tht video on Youtube and I downloaded it hehe! *for my keeping lah ;p Ohmai! He was sooooooooooooo fuckin cute on tht video and his voice! Mmg xtido malam aku dgr weh! Soooooo the best one just like he did on Asmaul Husna on morning assembly. Loooooove it man! And guess what? For sure I voted for his group named VeePeeDee tuu hehe! Soo haappy lah and 100% in love right now hehe ;p  ahas<3

July 12, 2011

I'm sorry Ma&Abah

Ma, you're too noble in my eyes to say that 'Sorry' to me. Nvm Ma, you're totally right. Thnks for willing to  taking care of a nit-picker like me. People wanna help out but  rewarded with flames of anger, I'm definately pissed off too like you aite? But trust me, I was incidental. My waist hurt too much at that time and nothing I think for the time being but the pain. That's why I scolded you when you pressed up on the pain area. Once again sorry Ma :( 

Sorry to both you Mama&Abah because I've caused a lot of trouble to both you. Since I'm a hostelian, I've created many kind of problem that trouble both you aite? My exam result also was not good enough. I'm totally a rubbish but Mama&Abah still love me. Why Ma? Why Abah? Once again, sorry for not being a good daughter to you like the rest. So sorry :'(

Whatever it is, ILOVEBOTHYOUSOMUCH and THANKS a lot for everything that Ma&Abah have done to this stupid daughter. Thanks, Iloveyou Mama&Abah..


Masha’Allah :)

we have comfortable praying mattress, optimal temperature, comfortable environment yet we still neglect the solat :S look at them.

something is wrong o.0

errrrrrh, i feel like i wanna tell youu the truth. but im a bit scare about that and im not sure about that. kaaaay fine i cant keep it all inside! only Me understand what im feeling right now. weh koraaang pleaseee dig my heart and youu will find what is going on with me. cepat korek! hihihi ;p