March 19, 2011

The time has come

Yes, it is the time! Yes, it is! Well, it's time to say that word! It is...


So, Bye bye Ampang, Well Hello Port Dickson ;'(

March 18, 2011

We're not perfect.
We laugh too hard.
We are way too loud.
We make complete fools of ourselves.
But doing it together,
Make us..



*p/s : I cant sleep tonight. Thinking of you, your health. I am extreamly worried about you. Do call me tomorrow kay? MISSYOUTRUEFRIEND

Oh I'm gonna miss you, Budak Hulu :'(

Yeaah. I'm gonna miss you a lot! After what we have been through together. After waiting for a bus to go to TS together. After being like a 'jakun person that out of Hulu' at LRT. After changing the plan from a movie to a SHOOOOOOOOOOOPING *favouite. After went to Sungei Wang, Masjid Jamek. After having breakfast at foodcourt and lunch at KFC. And after we said goodbye...

It's hard to say that word. It does hurt. But it is a must!
-Its time to go friends. I have to move on. Even in my heart say 'No, I don't want to go there anymore' Ilove all of you as much as salt :) ♥ ♥ take my heart and keep it in your pocket :)- Yeaah! I'm bursed into tear for this phrases.

Oh God, I'm gonna miss you adek. Like I said before, take a very good care there okay. Do remember us and don't ever let your tears fall because of missing us. You're strong aite? I know you're strong so promise me okay? I always pray for your best adek. Please do the best for your loved one. May Allah bless you, sayang <3

March 13, 2011

Lagenda Budak Teknik


Yeaaaaaah! Its me! Im backooooooo!! Finally.. Rindunyaaaaaaaa aku kt Ampang! Rindunyaaaaa aku kt soul-soul aku kt sini! Rindunyaaaaaaaa aku pd freedooooooom! Ehem ehem, dekat Teknik kan aku jadi athlete haha.  Aku jadi hitam main handball, aku wakil rumah and sekolah rejam lembing, hitam lagi cs kawad krs and so on, aku jd pss, aku jd assistant monitor, calon pengawas but aku tolak. Banyaknyaaaaaaaaaaa! Kthxbye! ;D