January 1, 2012



i guess it's not too late for wishing Happy New Year 2012. May we all aspire to be better than last year, and hopefully we all achieve success this year. well this is the year of Semua Pelajar Menderita, SPM :/  19th of November 2012, the 'tarikh keramat' and i'll start making countdown ;/ dayyyyum i'm only 5% ready -,-

well cuti gave out terlalu banyak memories and i learned how lucky i am for having such a wonderful big family. really Thankful to Allah :') cuti runs smooth just like i planned before. MORE TIME WITH FAMILY and it's work :) i'm surely will rindu dgn abah yg pakai redok, mama's cook, watching cerita indon with mak, wrestling budak-budak, ejat yg membanggkan, aisyah punya lawak tak jadi, wan, naim, syamil punya manja, aireen punya kerek, joging dgn anyah and macam-macam lagi :'(

I am such a slacker, I didn't bring my homeworks back home because I know deep inside my brain i will not even touch one of it. that day went back to KL. what a releaseee fuhhhh. I love the smell of it. I got here by bus and straight away took a train to Ampang. then malas nk cerita, tomorrow i have to go back to school already. so sad kan. cuti was so cepat berlalu and left plenty of memories to be remember sure thing :') and i'm sure SPM will be more cepat than usual :/ oh it freak me out man! 

School was not okay as i thought it would be, problems are everywhere. It's not about me, its about some people who are freaks. they really can't get a life. sudah. oh oh oh I am fatter than before and I like it <3 i gain almost 10 kg within a year. It's such a big number kan? blehhhh i dont want to be one of those skinny girls anymore because for me fat is cute. this is just a random viewpoint je.

hari apa entah joging with budak-budak, hahahaha. i was planning to jimatkan that houseshirt since i am going back to Pd but hm it's hard to get the chance to play with them hehh;) Oh I'll be miss them for sure :')

So have a good  Monday, Tuesday and whatever days. Salam.