December 17, 2010

I miss this human being 
Like seriously
And I mean it... 

Result oh Result

On this day,

I pray to Allah that I wanna see this kind of face on my parents,

no this kind,

I really hope that He will answer my doa, really hope...

December 16, 2010

What us actually ?



lebih gembira menyambut 1hb. Januari daripada 1 Muharram.

lebih tahu apa itu 14 Februari daripada 12 Rabiulawal.

lebih membesarkan hari Sabtu dan Ahad daripada hari Jumaat.

lebih khusyuk mendengar lagu daripada mendengar azan.

lebih suka lepak, tidur, tengok tv daripada sembahyang.

lebih suka menyebut helo atau hai daripada Assalamualaikum.

lebih suka menyanyi daripada berwirid atau bertasbih.

lebih suka memuji manusia daripada Tuhan kita sendiri.

kita sebenarnya lebih suka membaca majalah daripada buku-buku agama dan al-quran.

lebih suka pergi ke konsert daripada ceramah agama.

lebih suka memaki,mengumpat orang daripada mendoakan dan menasihati mereka.

lebih suka mencarut daripada menyebut MasyaAllah.

lebih suka kemungkaran daripada berbuat kebaikan.

lebih bangga dengan kejahilan kita daripada bersyukur dengankeimanan kita.

lebih cintakan urusan dunia daripada urusan akhirat.

tapi, bila ada orang tanya arah tujuan kita,
kita lebih suka menjawab..

lebih suka menuju ke syurga daripada neraka...


December 15, 2010

Good & half-Good news

The good news is....

Yeah alhamdulillah I got that offer from SMTPD :)  i'll take it insyallah but if the offer from kisas or mrsm also come, i'll consider one of them first lah for sure :D btw, Alhamdulillah Dia mendengar doa saya, Alhamdulillah...

and the half-good news is....

yupp guys! its on 23rd and i was like this in front of my lappy ----> ;O
hm, hope Allah memakbulkan doa ku utk memberikan sekuntum bahagia di muka mama abah sebaik melihat keputusan cemerlang ku :') Insyallah. 5a's above pun aku dah bersyukur gila! Tolongah aku Ya Allah.......

December 14, 2010

Allah selamatkan Mak~

She's my grandma. I mean superb greaaaat grandma ;) But all her grandchilds used to call her 'Mak' :D  She's a superwoman! Why? It's because she able to done a lot of things in once such cooking, jaga cucu, watch indonesian story, membasuh(manually tau) and so on in a time! Ahmaaaaazing huh? Yeah i know it man! and Im so proud that she is my grandma :) no human being can ever replace her, I Love You & Happy 64th birthday Mak! semoga Allah panjangkan umur mak sampai tgk Nina kawen hehe, May Allah always bless this wonderful woman. Aminn :)


The many things you've done 
All the times you were there
Help me know deep down inside
How much you really care

Even though I might not say
I appreciate all you do
Richly blessed is how I feel
Having a grandmother just like you  


miss 'em D';

So suddenly, I miss them so badly ;'(  The reason it hurts so much to separate is because our souls are connected. for 3years long we have been together! OMG, I don't know if I can swallow this separation :'( Why can't we get all the people together in the world that we really like and then just stay together?  I guess that wouldn't work.  Someone would leave.  Someone always leaves.  Then we would have to say goodbye.  I hate goodbyes. I know what I need. I need more hellos. Oh my... :"((

Even though we've changed and we're all finding our own place in the world, we all know that when the tears fall or the smile spreads across our face, we'll come to each other because no matter where this crazy world takes us, nothing will ever change so much to the point where we're not all still friends :')

*Cekal '10 forever in my heart :")

December 13, 2010

plenty facts of JBiebs ;)

Yeah i know! all my recent entry its alot about Jbiebs<3 but who cares? Im crazy of him lately so do read if you feel like wanna read okay ;)

JBiebs facts :

Full Name: Justin Drew Bieber
Favorite Food: Spaghetti & Meatballs
Favorite Drink: Orange Juice
Height: 5'4
Shoe size: 7
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Number: 6
Birthday: March 1’st, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Dream Duet: He would like to do a duet with Beyonce!


• Justin weighed 7 pounds 11 ounces when he was born
• Justin’s favorite TV show is Smallville
• Justin brushes his teeth in the shower
• Justin prefers a Mac over a PC
• Justin loves Twix
• Justin has 2 half siblings named, Jazmyn and Jaxon Bieber.
• Justin got his dog tag from a fan
• Christian Beadles is in his music video for “Eenie Meenie”
• Justin’s dad plays guitar, and his mom sings
• Justin is single and ready to mingle
• Justin prays, and thanks God for everything he has accomplished before every performance
• Justin would rather wear a sweat shirt then anything else
• Justin’s zodiac sign is a Pisces
• Justin has a 4.0 GPA
• Justin’s first kiss was at age 13
• Justin plays basket ball every time he comes to NYC
• Justin’s best subjects are math and English
• Justin’s dog is a Pappillion
• Justin can solve a rubix cube in under a minute
• Justin is Left Handed
• Justin’s favorite shoe brand is Supra
• It takes Justin 20 – 30 minutes to get ready every morning
• Justin’s favorite candy is sour patch kids
• Justin has both of his albums on the top 5 list
• Jasmine V is in Justin’s music video Eenie Meenie
• Justin’s perfect girl is a girl with a great personality, a sense of humor, a nice smile, and pretty eyes
• Justin hates ugg shoes
• Justin’s fave valentines candy is Hershey kisses
• Justin’s favorite first date place is the beach
• Justin’s favorite chick flick is The Notebook
• Justin’s favorite song that he wrote is Down to Earth
• Justin loves to play his Xbox 360
• Justin’s favorite soda is Sprite
• Justin’s favorite chips are Doritos
• Justin’s favorite date restaurant is King’s Buffet
• Justin’s major influences are Boyz to Men, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder
• Justin had his first date when he was 13
• Justin played hockey, basketball, golf and soccer
• Justin has many nicknames…some are JB, JBiebs, Bieber Cash, J-cutie, Justin Biebs, Biebs
• Justin’s mom makes him take vitamins every morning
• Justin has 2 posters of himself on his wall of his room
• Justin doesn’t care what a girl wears as long as she is comfortable in it.
• Justin’s weirdest gift from a fan was a rubber golf club with the girl’s #’s on it
• If Justin could have a super power, he would want to have the ability to fly
• Justin loves Italian food
• Justin thinks girls are prettier with no makeup on.
• Justin loves McDonald’s
• Every times Justin goes to McDonald’s, he orders a big mac, and Iced Tea
• Justin thinks roller coasters are fun, but they sometimes make him sick
• Justin’s favorite toothpaste is Colgate
• Justin loves vanilla cake
• Justin sang the first part of We Are The World – 25 year remake
• Justin sang the last part of the song WAVING FLAG – which was also for Haiti
• Justin thinks of Taylor Swift as a big sister
• When Justin is nervous he fixes his hair constantly
• Justin tries to take 1 day out of the week to chill and relax
• When Justin was rehearsing on Lopez Tonight, he slipped on stage
• Justin’s favorite cereal is Captain Crunch Berries
• Justin’s favorite hockey team is the Toronto Maple Leafs
• Justin is shy around girls he likes
• Justin doesn’t want to go out with any girls that only like him because he’s famous, he wants them to like him for what is in inside.
• Justin’s favorite Mexican foods are Quesadillas
• Justin wears an invisalign retainer
• Justin LOVES Chuck Norris and his quotes
• Justin’s all time favorite sport is ice hockey
• Justin’s signature color is purple
• Justin has never had braces
• Justin never thought he would become famous over youtube.
• Justin is the youngest artist (since Stevie Wonder) to have an album #1 on the charts
• Justin has a MacBook Pro
• He was flashed before by 3 crazy fans
• Justin’s hair flip is to the right
• Justin has a beauty mark under his left eye
• Justin only weighs 110 pounds
• The first song he ever wrote was called “Common Denominator”.
• His best friend’s are Ryan Butler & Christian Beadles & Chaz Somers
• He Is from originally from Canada.
• He started his singing career on Youtube.
• He has a scar under his right eye from when a branch hit him in the face while hiking with his friends.
• His first single was one time.
• His second single was one less lonely girl.
• His third single was love me.
• His fourth single was Favorite girl, which was dedicated to Taylor Swift.
• The chorus Love me was originally sung by The Cardigans, titled Lovefool.
• His friend Ryan Butler is the the One Time Video.
• He has a dog called sam.
• He plays the drums, guitar, piano, keyboard and trumpet.
• He has been playing the drums since he was two.
• He has been playing the trumpet since 7th grade.
• He is going to appear on True Jackson VP, on Nickelodeon.
• Both Justin Timberlake and Usher wanted to sign Justin up for a record contract.
• He recorded most of his album in atlanta
• His favorite slang term from Atlanta is “shawty.”
• His dad plays guitar, and his mom sings.
• He likes to play soccer.
• He likes Vitamin Water.
• He loves tacos.
• He was born in Stratford, Ontario, Canada.
• Beyonce is his celebrity crush.
• His first album is going to be called My World
• My world is in 2 parts. Part 1 was released on the 17th November 2009.
• Part 2 was released on the 23rd March 2010.
• He is putting golden tickets in some of the albums. They are for a private show with you and your friends.
• My World Features Guest Vocals from Usher
• He Is Claustrophobic.
• The worst thing he ever did was when he snuck out at night, saying he was going out for a bike ride, but the police brought him back!
• He hates going in elevators.
• If he wants something, he puts on a puppy dog face.
• Hes speaks fluent french
• Justin joined youtube on January 15, 2007
• Justin’s parents separated when he was 2
• Justin sometimes googles himself
• Justin hopes to do more acting in his future years
• Justin’s favorite pie is apple pie
• Justin is homeschooled
• Justin’s favorite romantic movie is A Walk To Remember
• Justin loves to do drum solos during performances
• When Justin dances he sticks his tongue out
• Justin loves covering Usher songs, Justin Timberlake songs, and NE-YO songs
• Justin hates waking up early
• Justin has a very close relationship with his mom, and thinks she is his #1 fan
• Justin’s favorite song on My World 2.0 is UP
• Justin still thinks of himself as a normal teenager
• Justin loves the song Pants on the Ground, and sings it every time he has the chance to!
• Justin got a Range Rover from Usher for his 16th birthday
• Justin’s best experience so far was singing to the president
• Justin has a double black belt
• Justin is very close with Sean Kingston and recorded eenie meenie with him, while staying at his house
• Justin’s mom had him when she was 17 years old
• Justin’s swagger coach is really is stylist who, as he says, teaches him “swaggerific things”
• Justin likes to play pool
• When Justin is around his friends, they always get competitive
• Justin says he gets about 20,000 dms every day
• Justin would date anyone (including a fan)
• Justin said he could take down any Jonas Brother by himself
• Justin doesn’t put any hair products in his hair
• Justin is very close to his crew, and considers them his family
• Justin considers his fans as family, but an extended family
• Justin has been with Scooter for over 3 years now
• When Justin gets nervous on stage, he keeps on switching the mic from hand to hand
• When Justin hears his song on the radio, he turns it down
• Justin thinks Selena Gomez is a cutie and a great friend
• Justin’s favorite toy as a child was a Buzz Lightyear.
• Justin used to get nightmares while watching Scooby Doo.

- written especially for those BELIEBERS like meee :D -