May 15, 2011

Dear God,

Dear god, i pray to u to increase my patience, strengthen my faith and help me walk through this difficult journey. Many a times I forget ur presence, many a times i choose to walk the wrong path and I’ve never thank you enough. Sure i’d say Alhamdulillah, whenever I can but it would never be enough. Ur holy words have touched me. Ur signs amazes me. But why’d i still choose to follow my corrupted heart and do things that i’m not supposed to? I pray to u to not only help me but also my family members who might also feel in despair at times(I may never know). Let’s not stop at only family, I pray to u for everyone I’ve known or I’ve yet to meet. Dear god, please forgive me for not adhering to ur rules. I’ve been bad for not listening to u but i’m trying my best here. And lastly, I believe that u’ll be the One who will decide who i’ll be married to. Let him be the person who will continue to guide me to walk in the rightful path and the one who always remind me of u. Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin..

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