August 2, 2011

Fasting Month dah eh?

yeahhh. and its pretty upsetting that this year i didnt get to sahur with my family on the first day of fasting. but thank Allah I able to berbuka with them. Alhamulillah :') i miss mom's cooking during fasting. sorry lah ma kali nh tak dpt buka sahur sama. but still dpt berbuka sama kan? talking about sahur, sahur on this year is the most SEDIH sahur i ever had! why? ahh malas nak story but yeaah i do learn somethihg on tht sahur. i praise Allah for giving me a good happy life than the rest unlucky person out there. and i cant wait for raya! halamakkkkkkk. excited lebih. hehe. and and, congrats nina, this is your 5th year celebrating Ramadhan without a boyfriend. :') hopefully this year Ramadhan will bring more memorable story for me. Onward and upward nina. Onward and upward I say :)

#Happyfastingpeepsandbanyakbanyakkanlahibadahtuye :)

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