June 2, 2011


All those times ,
remembering all those memories ,
crazy stuff , friends that was here in my life and they who left me behind and they who are still here and always here .
And those guys that I used to loved , that I used to hate , that has gone and vanished.
Time is moving so fast when everything that I used to have are now memories .
Life does teach me something and give me reasons everytime when I dont have the strength to go on with living . well , I can say , I've been through awful experiences that always haunt me till today . Life dont give us options whether we like it or not , we have to go through this thing , this life . Maybe we'll give up and dont seems to care to try again . But I still want to go on . I really wanna make it through :)

Back then again ,
I fall in love everyday and everytime .
And that feelings never change =p

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