June 2, 2011

Jar of Hearts

you wouldn't know how I feel. well of course! because you never cared. don't you?! I knew things like this would come in the way. I've been here before. giving hopes and then turned out to be some bullsh*t. I don't want you to give me FALSE HOPES. If you don't want me, just let me go. I'd rather be alone than being played. who do you think am I? do you think I would be ' okay ' if I see you being ' really ' nice to other girls? ' jangan nak peramah sangat lah kan ' ? please. I can't take another mess, especially with you. I appreciate things between me and you. I never want to end. don't make things worse. it's not about jealousy, it's about what people might think. you have me but you're fooling around with someone else. people will see me like nothing to you. I don't wanna talk much. you'll get it someday. I'm done telling people how I feel but eventually they still don't get it. (,-_____-)

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