July 12, 2011

I'm sorry Ma&Abah

Ma, you're too noble in my eyes to say that 'Sorry' to me. Nvm Ma, you're totally right. Thnks for willing to  taking care of a nit-picker like me. People wanna help out but  rewarded with flames of anger, I'm definately pissed off too like you aite? But trust me, I was incidental. My waist hurt too much at that time and nothing I think for the time being but the pain. That's why I scolded you when you pressed up on the pain area. Once again sorry Ma :( 

Sorry to both you Mama&Abah because I've caused a lot of trouble to both you. Since I'm a hostelian, I've created many kind of problem that trouble both you aite? My exam result also was not good enough. I'm totally a rubbish but Mama&Abah still love me. Why Ma? Why Abah? Once again, sorry for not being a good daughter to you like the rest. So sorry :'(

Whatever it is, ILOVEBOTHYOUSOMUCH and THANKS a lot for everything that Ma&Abah have done to this stupid daughter. Thanks, Iloveyou Mama&Abah..


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