August 27, 2011

The End

and it's end. seriously end indeed. I'm end up worship him. I'm not gonna tell why since its not your problem to take out with it. I've never felt this knda hurt. yeah it's hurt. even when I'm broke up with my ex not as hurt as this. and finally I realize he don't even look me with one eye. I'm give up! I'm not gonna look at you, worship you, be dumb waiting for you again. Sorry D'; Forever, I'm not gonna like you like hell crazy again. I've let my soul swang for you, I've let my heart run after yours, I've let my mind phatetic thinking of you all the time and yes! That's all my mistake, I mean stupidest mistakes ever! Since I've been so hurt and not strong enough to felt it again, I decided to let go that feelings that I've been kept nicely before and totally wash up you from my life. so, after this, there'll be no more ahas, biawak melintas or such thing that related with him. And now, I promise myself, no more guys I mean special guys in school life! After this, back to the real target, focus on study, score on exam and proud parents! That's the superiority! Lesson that I've learned , If someone doesnt love me anymore, i should move on. #I am hurt. I do not know what love means anymore :(


Bye Bye all memory of Ahas...

p/s: Don't let someone be a periority in your life while you just an option in his life.

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