October 27, 2010

padan muka ;p

pedas nya tajuk haha ;D actually, this post for those yg tgh final exam tu! haha especially my bangla, Ijat. sorry lah klau the rest tu terasa eh :D hah whole this week my attention disedekahkan kpd si Bangla ni lah. and also his kwn tht are Si spect emas tu and ank Si buncit tu haha! sorry naim. sbg lepasan Pmr, i gave as much knowledge available to them for their final exam. obviously, its fun to teach them. indirectly, i can refresh my memory about what was learned kan? thanks to them! hope you guys succeed and do not panic. take it easy. final exam je pon. relax okay. gunakan semua tips yg cikgu nina dh bagi tu okay! haha. Best of luck! loveyouguyss <333

do the best kayyyyyyyyyyy ;)

thanks&byee peeps :)

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