November 11, 2010

saja saja Sahaja :D

Diri saya, N Amanina Syafiqah Md Yusuff...

10 Things People May Not Know About You:
1. I was born with very very straight rebonding hair
2. I listen to ROCK KAPAK SONGS
3. I like guys that pray :)
4. I watch kids stuff
5. Im sensetive
6. I use to CERITA BOM when I was in primary :p
7. Im fine with people that hate me
8. I sleep with the lights on(dark is my big enemy :p)
9. I pretend to be strong/brave
10. I am the most manja 15 y/o. I THINK! haha

9 Things You Like:
1. Music
2.Fatening food
3. Cartoons
4. Cadbury Blackforest<3
5. Novel
6. Romantic comedies.
7. People with dimple and braces! They just damn cool!
8. Horror movies with scardycats!
9. My mom trying to be cool :p

8 Ways To Win Your Heart:
2. Appreciate me as your friend/girlfriend.
3. Don't take advantage of me.
4. Don't make me feel guilty unless i really am.
5. Know how to cheer me up and make me laugh.
6. I like guys with musical talent. So him, can sing / play any musical instruments well.
7. Honesty is the best policy.
8. Do not fight over the most stupid thing-.-

7 Movies
1. American Pie
2. Mean Girls
3. White Chicks.
4. Cerita perang2 aku lupa tajuk dia
5. 10 Things I Hate About You.
6. Spy Kids :D
7. Toy story

6 Things You Don't Like:
1. Stress
2. Being hungry. I'm aaalways hungry
3. Not having enough money -.-
4. Being scold at even when im innocent-.-
5. Being told to do things when im busy
6. People that main tuduh tuduh me -.-

5 People Who Mean A Lot:
1. My parents.
2. Siblings
3. My bestfriends They who helped me go through it all :)
4. My cousins
5. My future husband :p

4 Things You Do Before You Fall Asleep:
1. Pee
2. Read novel
3. Facebook
4. Baca doa takut mimpi hantu -,-

3 Things You Want To Do Before You Die:
1. Go to Mekah! Really want!
2. Be someone useful-.-
3. Save a life.

2 Confessions:
1. I use to wet my bed. Well.... HAHA! :D
2. I cut my own fringe?

1 Thing You Wish You Could Say To 9 Different People
1. Dont leave me.
2. You suck at being my ****
3. Please don't be so annoying.
4. Thank you for understanding
5. You look pregnant
6. Pussy! hahahahaha!
7. I used your money :D
8. I know I probably screwed up my paper but please mark it nicely eheheh I really do want 9As D:
9. You just don't understand.

thanks&byee peeps;)

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